(...) Finally the simples means are bread, a camera, and time. In the land art project Feeder by Beata Daly. We see that the artist has made a large circle from breadcrumbs on the cricket ground in Trinity. We see the circle, the seagulls who come to eat it, and a feather that has been left behind...

The circle is reminiscent of works by Richard Long, but for me the relation to the story of Hansel and Gretel is telling. Having no food to eat – a wood cutters wife convinces her husband to take their children into the forest and leave there. The children overhear them so leave a trail of breadcrumbs to find their way home – but the birds of the forest find them and eat them leaving the children lost.
I suppose it is interesting that the artist has made a circle – not a line. A line implies a destination – a circle a journey – in the context of a university - of course it is the journey which matters – the destination is usually unknown – most of you are still on a quest for knowledge without knowing where you are going, and this work for me distils some of this anxiety perfectly.

Extract from opening speech by Art Curator at the Museum of Modern Art in Kilmainham (IMMA) Sean Kissane. Oisin Gallery, 12/11, Dublin, Ireland.




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